Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time to heal from the flu and how licorice helped...

I knew I should have gotten the flu vaccine.  Every year I have been lucky enough to escape it but it got me good this year.  How do I know for sure it is the flu, well it all started with spending six hours in the emergency room with my son Matthew.  We thought he had food poisoning but it turned out that he tested positive for influenza!  The very next day, my symptoms started to appear.  I got the chills, fever, headache, nausea and overall exhausted feeling.  Today is day three for me and I really do believe that what really has helped me to heal is the following:
*1000 mg. of vitamin c daily;
*Thyme essential oil bath & thyme cream;
*Motrin &
*Lots of fluids & rest &
That's right, I said licorice.  It not only helped with my stomach pain but I feel as though it helped me with the congestion.  You can find great licorice teas in your local supermarket or health food stores as well as licorice supplements.

Healing properties of Licorice root:
soothes a sore throat
■loosens bronchial congestion

■reduces inflammation

■soothes digestive and gastro-intestinal issues

■helpful with stomach ulcers