Monday, January 17, 2011

A Poem About Time....

The Wait

Today, I waited…
for the alarm to go off,
while lying awake in bed,
wondering whether I
really wanted to get up;
for the water to get hot,
while starting to shave,
trying not to notice how
the mirror makes me age!
for the kettle to get filled,
while standing at the sink
yawning, scratching, and
loosely planning my day;
for the water to heat,
while trying to select a tea,
and wondering why such
choices seem so hard now;
for the tea to brew,
while mindlessly dipping
the tea bag down and up,
down and up, down and…
for the tea to cool a bit
so I could sip it…
blowing, testing,
blowing, testing…
for the eggs to cook,
the cheese to melt,
the bacon to fry, and
the toast to pop up;
for the shower to get hot
while debating over
using soap today, or
sandalwood body wash;
Okay, okay, you tired
of waiting?
I’ll try to speed it up:
I also waited…
in the line at the bank,
at the cleaners,
to be seated for lunch,
for my food to come,
for the server to return,
at the register to pay;
at home for the mailman,
for my computer to log on,
for the phone to ring,
for the evening news,
for the late show,
for the late-late show;
in bed for sleep to come,
for yet another sunrise,
for an eternity I hope takes
its sweet time to get here!
Because, you know, when it
comes right down to it:
I really don’t mind the wait.

~g tristan tarot

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