Monday, January 31, 2011

Time to Give Willie Nelson a Nobel Peace Prize for Farm Aid

As many of you know, Willie Nelson made the news again recently and many jokes about Willie are going around.  Willie, however, is no joke.  As an avid fan of Willie  I just want to help make people aware of all the good he does and all the hard work he has done, and is doing, to make our world a better place to live in.
"Willie should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on agriculture issues, alternative fuels and world peace initiatives. A longtime supporter of the family farms in America, he founded the Farm Aid concert program over 25 years ago, and has also started the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute, an organization dedicated to helping promote global peace.

Willie has also been an avid supporter of the protection of wild horses, working on behalf of the animals as Tennessee and other states try to legalize the slaughter of horses. He supports the federal Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, which would ban horse slaughter in the U.S. and stop the current practice of exporting horses out of the country for slaughter in Mexico and Canada." (

"John Mellencamp is campaigning to get Willie Nelson a Nobel Peace Prize. The interview took place on SIRIUS XM Willie's Place at Farm Aid 25 in Milwaukee, Wisc.":

Let's show support for Willie for all he has done. Please click on the following link to "Nobel Peace Prize for Willie Nelson for Farm Aid" on Facebook and press "Like".  It's that easy!

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  1. Great post! Thanks for supporting Willie for a Nobel campaign! Please continue suggest to friends to raise awareness. Just click "Suggest" link below profile picture on top left. Thanks again!